United Shatters Operating Records

United Airlines announced today it shattered four single-day operating records yesterday, chalking up one of the most impressive one-day performances in its 77-year history.
Three new company records were set in departure performance and one in arrival performance.

“Customers who choose United are choosing excellent on-time service, as has been the case for many months,” said Pete McDonald, executive vice president-operations. “Our employees are putting a terrific product into the marketplace, and we are exceptionally proud of the fine job they are doing at the airports and in flight to meet our customers’ expectations.”

The new operating records were as follows:
*  Departure performance “on time 00” (precisely on time) at 91.0 percent of all scheduled flights. The old record was 88.3 percent, set Sept. 4, 2002. *  Departure performance “on time 05” (within five minutes of schedule) at 94.9 percent. The old record was 93.5 percent, set Oct. 8, 2002. *  STAR departure performance “on time 00” (STAR or “start the airline right” measures key early-morning flights which become bellwethers for the airline’s performance throughout the day) at 93.8 percent. The old record was 93.3 percent, set Nov. 14, 2002. *  Arrival performance “within 14” (early, on time or within 14 minutes of scheduled arrival) at 96.4 percent. The old record was 95.4 percent, set Jan. 25, 2003.

In 2002, United’s employees broke 35 company records and achieved the best overall on-time performance in the company’s history.

Separately, United commented on advance passenger bookings in the wake of the war in Iraq. “We had said previously that bookings have been soft as a result of pre-war jitters and now the war itself,” said Greg Taylor, senior vice president-planning. “Our latest data show that United’s share of bookings for both domestic and international travel remain in line with our major U.S. competitors.”


United operates more than 1,700 flights a day on a route network that spans the globe. News releases and other information about United Airlines can be found at the company’s website, www.united.com.