SWISS and Finnair Sign Co-operation

On Wednesday, 26 March 2003, SWISS and Finnair are to sign a co-operation agreement that will guarantee both airlines a stronger and more diversified partnership at many levels. ÊThe agreement builds on the successful codeshare arrangement that already exists between Switzerland and Finland.

SWISS will submit the co-operation agreement to the European Commission for examination in the next few days. The EU will then decide whether the agreement meets the requirements of European competition law. This process is a matter of a formal legal vetting, and SWISS expects to receive EU approval in the near future.
SWISS and Finnair already operate a successful codeshare agreement between Switzerland and Finland, and offer numerous connecting flights. Customers also already enjoy the advantages of a joint worldwide Frequent Flyer programme.

Once approval has been obtained from the EU authorities, the partners will strive for closer consultation on harmonising route networks, enhanced co-ordination of timetables and targeted linking of marketing activities. Optimum use of synergies means that customers will benefit by a range of attractive and improved links between the Nordic countries, Switzerland and southern Europe. Ê