Lufthansa Plans to Become Leaner

“Leaner structures, and as a result, even more efficient lines of decision are Lufthansa`s answer to the changed conditions in global competition”, explained the future Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Wolfgang Mayrhuber, in Frankfurt on Tuesday. The consistent further development of Lufthansa from an airline into the Aviation Group as well as the securing of continuity, will remain the prime objectives when he takes up office in June. Initial changes have already been decided on by the Group Executive Board.
In future, the Group Executive Board will have three instead of its previous four members. As Chairman of the Group Executive Board, Wolfgang Mayrhuber will also continue to manage Lufthansa German Airlines.
The Group`s tried and tested decentralized management philosophy will be further developed. In future, parallel to their Group functions, the members of the Executive Board will also be responsible for strategically important business fields and regions.
Another change is the reduction of the Executive Board of Lufthansa German Airlines from five to four members. The reorganization will be orientated on the customer and service processes of the airline business: “Marketing and Sales” (including Product Development), “Services and Human Resources” (with cabin and stations), “Operations” as well as “Network management, IT and Purchasing” (as well as fees).
The focus of the reorganization is on continuity in management and the stability of the organization with a simultaneous improvement in management efficiency and quality. “Continuity and innovative spirit are not contradictions, but two sides of the same coin. We are developing a management structure which prepares us for handling the competition and the challenges of the future. In this connection, quality, innovation, a high service and customer orientation as well as clear cost management take a top priority” declared Wolfgang Mayrhuber. The areas of responsibility of the new Chairman of the Executive Board include the theme of quality and innovation, among other things. Chairman of the Executive Board J├╝rgen Weber emphasized: “The group is thus ideally equipped to continue to successfully assert itself in the global competition.”