Lufthansa Back to Tel Aviv and Beirut

As of Saturday, 22 March, Lufthansa will again be flying daily to Tel Aviv (LH 686/687). This has been decided by the crisis committee on the basis of the latest assessment of the situation today. Passengers booked on LH 690/691 and LH 692/693 (Munich—Tel Aviv) will be correspondingly rebooked. This flight program is initially valid up to and including Monday, 24 March. Lufthansa reserves the right, however, to make changes at short-notice according to the development of the situation.
The service to the Lebanese capital Beirut (LH 3622/3615) will also be reopened by Lufthansa on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. In addition, Lufthansa will continue to serve the destinations of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riad, Jeddah and Muscat in the region.
Lufthansa recommends passengers with questions to inform themselves on the Internet at, at the Lufthansa call center under 01 803 803 803, at Lufthansa ticket counters at the airports as well as at all travel agencies with a Lufthansa agency.
All flights to Amman and Dammam via Kuwait remain cancelled until further notice.