SAA Heightened Security

20 March, 2003, JOHANNESBURG: In response to the war in Iraq, South African Airways (SAA) has introduced heightened security measures for all domestic and international flights -
- the United States, Europe and Asia
- which are operating as scheduled.
Passengers will from now on be asked to produce valid official identity documents bearing their photographs with names matching those on the tickets.
We are busy with contingency plans in case we may have to reschedule, delay or cancel some flights. At the moment flights to these destinations will depart and return as scheduled. If there are any changes, SAA will notify passengers.
For SAA, there is one supreme priority—security. SAA believes the increased security measures are vital for everyone. We must take every precaution, even if it means upsetting or inconveniencing people.
Acceptable means of identification for both domestic and international flights, will be a passport, identity card or identity book.
Passengers are reminded that carry-on baggage limitations will be strictly enforced.
In order to avoid congestion and delays when applying stringent security measures, SAA urge passengers travelling abroad to arrive three hours prior to their departure at all airports.
Some passengers travelling to the United States have been reporting for check-in and boarding only an hour before departure, resulting in congestion and delays because stringent security measures implemented by the United States Transport Security Administration. Check-in times remains three for flights to the United States.Domestic travelers are still required to check-in an hour before departure.
Meanwhile bookings for SAA`s 39 single trips (78 return flights) per week to Europe, 18 trips (36 return) to Americas, 13 (26 return) flights and to Australasia are stable and there has been no cancellations.
Should passengers traveling to and from Europe and Australasia wish to cancel their tickets, normal cancellations conditions apply.
However, conditions for those traveling to and from the Middle East and the United States are different.
Tickets purchased between March 10 to March 31 2003 using a restricted fare - - the ones with cancellation fees and penalties - - may be changed without penalties anytime before March 31, 2003 for travel until December 31, 2003.
Customers may choose to change their destination, travel dates or class of service, subject to availability. All changes must be made no later than three days prior to the originally scheduled travel date and the original ticket value will be applied as a credit toward higher fares or where ticket taxes have increased.