Austrian Extends Flight Rebooking

For destinations in those countries for which the Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs has issued a “warning against travel”, the Austrian Airlines Group is guaranteeing passengers the option to rebook flights for a later date free of charge. Should the passenger so wish, the booked flight can also be refunded in the form of a flight voucher for the Austrian Airlines Group or a reimbursement of the ticket price. This customer service is valid irrespective of whether the Austrian Airlines Group cancels its flights to the country in question or continues to operate flights there. Information on the countries for which such warning against travel has been issued is available via the website of the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs at, under the “Travel Advice” relating to the country in question. Alternatively, please call the following telephone number (+43) 0800 20 4411.
Should the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs issue a “recommendation” not to travel to a particular country at present and the Austrian Airlines Group continues flights to that country, no rebooking fee will be charged. Refunds will only be provided in the form of a flight voucher, a cash refund cannot be provided.
For those countries for which neither a warning against travel nor a recommendation is issued by the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the standard travel regulations of the Austrian Airlines Group continue to apply at the rebooking and cancellation conditions of the fare in question.