Ryanair’s Customer Service Statistics

Ryanair, Europe’s No. 1 low fares airline, today unveiled its customer service performance for February 2003. Ryanair, as part of its Customer Charter, is committed to publishing its customer service statistics each month, unlike the high-fare airlines that have shied away from revealing their performance figures.

88% of all Ryanair`s 9,895 flights during February arrived on time. No other high-fares airline is delivering this type of performance, month after month. If they were, they would accept the Ryanair challenge and publish their performance statistics every month (and not just on the rare occasion they approach Ryanair standards of service delivery).

Ryanair has consistently proved that if you pay attention to efficient turnaround times, and being clear about check-in and departure times, then punctuality becomes the standard. And it`s Ryanair that`s setting the standard as the No 1 on-time airline in 24 of the last 27 weeks.

Complaints per 1,000 passengers against February 2002 have improved by 25% and baggage claims have improved by 30%. Both baggage and complaint figures are the best for 5 years

As part of the Ryanair Passenger Charter we respond to our customers complaint, baggage and refund letters in 7 working days compared to Easyjet, who will endeavour to get a written response back to customers in 20 working days.


For full details of Ryanair`s industry leading service commitments, take a look at our Customer Service Charter on http://www.ryanair.com/charter/commitment.html