Delta Announces Flexible Ticketing

ATLANTA, March 19, 2003 - Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) today announced it will allow customers who are away from home when military action in the Middle East begins to return to their families and friends immediately without penalty. The policy announced today applies to customers who:

- have reached their destination and want to return home earlier than planned,
- have future flight plans and wish to go immediately, instead, or
Êwant to cancel their travel plans or defer travel to a later date.
Returning to the comforts of home:
“We understand that our customers have many questions about their travel in light of the current situation in the Middle East, and many just want to return to their families and friends as soon as possible after military action begins,” said Vicki Escarra, Delta’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “The policies we have put in place ensure our customers are provided flexible and convenient options that protect the value of their ticket while allowing them to return to familiar and comforting surroundings. “

Following the onset of military action in the Middle East, customers who already have completed their outbound travel and wish to return home earlier than planned, or those who have purchased a ticket for a future travel date and desire to travel immediately, may do so without paying service charges or differences in fare. Tickets must be reissued and travel must commence within seven days of the start of military action. The policy applies to all Delta tickets that were issued prior to the beginning of military action on domestic and international Delta-coded flights. Changes to origination/destinations cities are not permitted. See notes below for other important restrictions.

Cancellation and deferral rules eased:

Delta also announced options for customers who wish to change their travel plans following the onset of military action, but do not want to travel immediately.


Customers may rebook their travel for another time or destination (domestic or international), and Delta will waive any change fees or penalties. A refund will not be given, and the customer must pay any difference in fare. A nonrefundable Delta travel credit will be given if the new itinerary results in a lower fare. The original reservation must be canceled at least one day in advance of the originally-scheduled departure date. New travel plans must be created and tickets reissued by May 31, 2003. All travel must be completed by Dec. 31, 2003. Only one voluntary change is allowed. See notes below for other important restrictions.

Normal policies will apply for flight cancellations or diversions initiated by Delta. Ê

“Delta’s priority is ensuring our customers experience minimal disruptions in their travel plans,” said Escarra. “We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes to our policy as needed.”

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