SWISS Reaction to State Treaty

At today’s session, the Upper Chamber of the Swiss Parliament rejected the bilateral State Treaty with Germany. Following the failure to accept the treaty in its current form, it remains to be seen what steps will be undertaken by the German side. Only then will it be possible to make a statement.
SWISS hopes that, by starting again at zero at the political level, it will be possible to find a compromise solution. This becomes more desirable because, since the time of the original Treaty negotiations, the circumstances in European and Swiss air transportation have fundamentally changed. Furthermore, more precise findings are now available as regards the negative effects of the Treaty restrictions on the operation of Zurich Airport.

Whether SWISS will mount a legal challenge to eventual unilateral measures by Germany will be decided if such measures are announced. As regards the existing decree, which has been applied since October 27, 2002 and which lays down the regulations concerning weekend and holiday period flights, SWISS will submit as a precautionary measure, a petition calling for a declaration Êof non-admissibility. In this, a demand will be made that the decision of the Baden-Wurtemburg Supreme Administrative Court, announced on January 24 this year should be reviewed by the Federal German Administrative Court