THAI and Kasetsart Sign Contract

17 March 2003, at 11.00 hours, Mr. KanokÊ Abhiradee, President of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, signed an agreement with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Viroch Impithuksa,Ê President of Kasetsart University to mark cooperation in the area ofÊ Quality of Raw Agricultural Material and Products ResearchÊ through use ofÊ Good Agricuture Practice (GAP) .Ê The ceremony was held at Sawasdee Room,Rak Khun Tao Fah Building, THAI’s Catering Department, Don Muang.

According to Mr. Kanok Abhiradee,Ê THAI has continued to place special emphasis on developing all areas of operations including products and services to achieve the airline’s vision of being “The First Choice Carrier with Touches of Thai”, especially in the field ofÊ catering services.Ê “We want to develop the quality of our products inÊ the following areas -Ê taste, presentation, and quality of our created meals.Ê In addition to initiating new menus andÊ healthy dishes, THAI also stresses the importance ofÊ quality of raw materials.Ê With this in mind, THAI has entered intoÊ cooperation withÊ Kasetsart UniversityÊ to conduct researchÊ on the quality ofÊ raw materials usingÊ the Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) system.Ê The study aims to produce high-quality raw materials forÊ THAI’s catering service which in turn will benefit Thailand’s agricultural sector.ÊÊÊ THAI will utilise the Good Agricuture Practice (GAP) system in its peomotion towards its use of localÊ agricultural products used in its airline catering. Kasetsart University will support and offer professional advice to THAIÊ andÊ will provide market research, used toward production outlet andÊ system testing, to meet standards required byÊ THAI Catering.

The GAP system isÊ beneficial towards developing food products for passengers and customer airlines,Ê ensuring that the Thai agricultural productÊ meets international standards.Ê Application of the GAP system will aid in generating additional income and promoting product quality before catering goods are distributed to anÊ international market.