Oscar® Chooses United Airlines

CHICAGO,Ê Mar.Ê 2003—As the official airline sponsor of the AcademyÊ Awards,Ê UnitedÊ Airlines willÊ rollÊ outÊ theÊ redÊ carpetÊ at Chicago`s O`Hare for the Oscar statuettes and its passengers whoÊ attend theÊ premiereÊ departure of Oscar Flight #65,Ê which willÊ transportÊ 44 OscarsÊ fromÊ Chicago`sÊ O`Hare InternationalÊ AirportÊ toÊ LosÊ Angeles InternationalÊ AirportÊ atÊ 10:00 a.m.Ê (CST).Ê Ê TheÊ OscarsÊÊ willÊ be presented on March 23rd at the 75th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony.Ê
“United has enjoyed a very special relationship for more thanÊ ten years with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,”Ê said Scott Praven,Ê United`s Senior Vice President-Marketing.ÊÊ “In addition to the OscarsÊ weÊ willÊ also provide transportation to manyÊ OscarÊÊ nominees, presentersÊ andÊ special guests who will travel to Los AngelesÊ forÊ the 75thÊ Anniversary Academy Awards on March 23rd.ÊÊ At United we have also wonÊ ourÊ ownÊ industry Oscar equivalent for best ontime performanceÊin 2002Ê amongÊ theÊ majorÊÊ airlines,Ê accordingÊÊ toÊ theÊ DepartmentÊ of Transportation`s Air Travel Consumer Report.
TheÊ AcademyÊ of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences grantedÊ special permission to United Airlines to incorporate a 4 foot high, 22 inch wide image of the OscarÊ statuette onto the aircraft for the Inaugural Flight ofÊ theÊ Oscars.Ê Ê Designed in San Francisco by a team ofÊ commissioned engineers,Ê the image of the Oscar was applied by a special process onto bothÊ sides ofÊ the aircraft`s fuselage yesterday evening by aÊ teamÊ of highly trained technicians from United Operations.
UponÊ arrivalÊ at Terminal 7,Ê Gate 70B at 12:20 p.m.Ê (PST),Ê the
flightÊ will be met by Mr.Ê Frank Pierson,Ê President of the AcademyÊ of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and by United Airlines`Ê Vice President of Sales, Dan Walsh.

In 2002, United`s employees broke 35 company records and achieved the best overall performance in the company`s 77-year history.Ê United
Airlines finished 2002 ranked No. 1 in the industry in domestic on-time performance, according to the official U.S. Department of Transportation`s Air Travel Consumer report.Ê United operates more than 1,700 flights a day on a route network that spans the globe.Ê News releases and other information about United can be found at the company`s website atÊwww.united.com.