Qatar Airways` Passenger Safety Is Assured

The current tension due to US-Iraq stand-off is causing concern among travelling public especially travelling to and from or via Middle East and Gulf countries, forcing many airlines to revise their schedules.
However, Qatar Airways has ensured that its flights will operate as per schedule and Qatar Airways will continue to ensure that there is no risk to its passengers and customers safety in the event of any conflict in Iraq.
“Qatar Airways will use air routes that are approved and published by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO),” said Mr Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar Airways.
These routes are constantly monitored by the ICAO and are revised to protect Commercial Airliners` safety.
“Qatar Airways has also prepared contingency plans to continue transporting its passengers and cargo to their final destination safely and comfortably,” Mr Al Baker said. “Qatar Airways has always maintained high levels of security at Doha Airport, where we work closely with Government security agencies. We have also enhanced security at Doha International Airport by introducing a highly sophisticated mobile security system that is fitted with an x-ray machine and metal detectors,” said Mr Al Baker