Italy`s Alitalia Imposes Fuel Surcharge

Italy`s national airline, Alitalia, is the latest major carrier to raise the price of its fares because of soaring fuel costs.

The airline announced Monday it is imposing a temporary surcharge on all domestic, international and inter-continental flights.

From March 15, Alitalia will charge an additional EUR6 (USD$6.60) on domestic tickets; EUR8 on international flights and EUR12 for inter-continental services.

Alitalia pointed to a 30 percent increase in fuel prices over the past six months as the reason for its move, with current prices standing at near-record levels and likely to go higher if there is a Middle East war.

In a statement, the airline said: “These surcharges (which are subject to commission on the part of travel agencies) are to be considered temporary and strictly linked to contingent international events.”