Raseroka Resigns From SAA

06 March, 2003, JOHANNESBURG: Vincent Raseroka, Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer of South African Airways Technical, the world-class maintenance facility, has resigned to pursue his private business interests.
Rinesh Ramkissoon will be acting Executive Vice President & Chief Executive Officer: Technical, until a full-time appointment has been made.

Vincent’s departure is not linked to the restructuring of my management team which I am still busy with under the guidance of London-based aviation consultants, Korn Ferry.
Korn Ferry is helping SAA to focus on the human capital aspect of our business and propose to evaluate the skills, talents, abilities, expertise and vision of our management. The restructuring process has not been completed.
Vincent, who joined SAA four years ago, had talked to me for some time about his desire to leave and explore other business options. Both of us now agree that the time has come for him to follow his heart.
Vincent, who has been chairman of the Airlines Association of Southern Africa for three years saw his role at SAA Technical as ensuring that the operation is profitable as well as rolling out the highest quality technical team and services.
Please join me in expressing our profound appreciation for the contribution that Vincent has made in the Technical and Cargo environments within the SAA business during his tenure with us and to wish him and his family all of the best in his new endeavours.
SAA Technical is a wholly owned subsidiary of South African Airways which operates from a 100 hectare site at Johannesburg International Airport with a workforce of 3,100, which includes 1,900 technicians with top qualifications in skills such as avionics and mechanical structures.
SAA Technical currently services SAA’s fleet of 62 aircraft plus another 18 for British Airways Comair. It will also service the 41 new Airbuses, three of which have already arrived.