Air France Supports ECPAT campaign

Air France has been working with ECPAT (End Child Prostitution, pornography And Trafficking of children for sexual purposes) since 1994. Today, the Company renews its commitment to ECPAT in a drive to combat sex tourism involving children
On the occasion of the World Tourism Fair, ECPAT is launching a new campaign to increase public awareness, with the backing of the French Ministries of Tourism and Foreign Affairs. The campaign is using three vectors for communication: brochures and posters distributed most particularly in travel agencies and at airport counters. In addition, a film has been produced, directed by Nils Tavernier. The director, who offered his services for free to make the film, is known for his contribution to the fight against drugs and trafficking in children.
Air France will inform travellers about the new ECPAT campaign in its ticket offices. The film will be screened on board all long-haul Air France flights beginning on 1 April 2003 and will also be publicized on television. The television campaign was developed free of charge by BETC EURO RSCG, in its capacity as Air France`s advertising agency. Many tourism professionals have agreed to publicize the campaign, including Afat, Accor, Fram Voyages, Havas Voyages, Nouvelles Frontières and SNAV
The new campaign highlights the existence of laws against sex tourism involving children and gives some concrete examples of the legal penalties incurred. The aim is to impress, and to make people aware of the many types of punishment imposed in both the country where the crime is committed and in the country of origin of the traveller. Whereas the previous campaign focused on the victim, the present one, more official in tone, is designed as an open and unmistakable denouncement of the potential aggressor.

In France, the law now in effect makes it possible to judge any sex abuse perpetrated on a child abroad. Such acts are punishable by 7 years of imprisonment and fines of 100,000 euros. Sentences may extend to imprisonment for 20 years under certain circumstances. Other countries have also adopted this kind of extra-territorial law, including the members of the EU, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, the United States and Canada
In 1996, Air France had promoted the adoption of the IATA resolution condemning sexual and commercial exploitation of children and encouraging the counter-measures taken by airlines. Today, Air France continues its drive to stamp out this scourge through its partnership with ECPAT. In practical terms, this means that the company has decided to consolidate its collaboration with ECPAT by committing to a ten-year protocol