KrisWorld In Four Different Languages

Fancy watching the recent blockbuster Red Dragon in French or Italian, or Jackie Chan in The Tuxedo in German or Japanese? Now you can, with the latest feature in Singapore Airlines’ (SIA) inflight entertainment system, KrisWorld.
At the touch of a button on the KrisWorld handset, SIA’s customers in all three classes can now choose to watch the latest Hollywood hits in up to four languages including English. Previously, there were two language choices.

The expanded language option varies from film to film, and includes German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Korean, and Mandarin.
Besides the expanded language option, customers can also enjoy movies “on-demand”, allowing them to pause, fast-forward or rewind a movie anytime, and select and compile music CDs of their choice.
This newest feature is available on all SIA aircraft installed with Matsushita Avionics System Corporation, MAS System 3000. This advanced inflight entertainment system is progressively being installed in SIA’s B747-400 Megatop and B777 Jubilee fleet, and is currently available on selected long-haul routes.
KrisWorld, on aircraft equipped with MAS System 3000, offers customers an entertainment smorgasbord of 25 movie channels, over 50 short features, more than 50 music CDs and 12 audio channels, and 31 Nintendo Game Boy® games to choose from.