More Flexibility with Ryanair

Ryanair, Europe`s largest low fares airline, is now even more flexible. Not only can you change flight times but you can now also change the name of the person travelling. It`s a simple phone call away.

Sales Manager Scotland Kathryn Munro explained: “Here are three examples of how handy this can be:

- A work colleague has called in sick, so you can now get someone else to travel in their place to that all-important meeting in London!

- You`ve just got married and not had time to change your passport to your new name and your husband very eagerly booked your honeymoon flight to Brussels in his surname!
- You`ve booked a surprise flight as a Valentine`s present for your
girlfriend to Paris, but she dumped you at the weekend. So you want to take your best pal for a boozy weekend instead - why let the flights go to waste?

We`ve always been cheap, reliable and punctual. Now we`re even more flexible to allow you to make any important last-minute changes.”


To make a name change just call Ryanair Direct on 0871 246 000. There`s a flat £15 change fee per sector and you need to pay any upgrade in ticket price as the price at which you booked the ticket may vary from the price it is on the day of change.