SWISS Brings Ticino on Board

SWISS is continuing its culinary journey through the various Swiss Cantons: Ticino will be tempting passengers with traditional dishes and rich wines. In the period from March 5 to June 3, SWISS clients will relish southern influence of the Ticino cuisine.
Ticino, the southernmost Swiss Canton, stands out by virtue of its cultural and culinary customs. The influence of the Italian neighbours, like the mild, sunny climate, leave their mark, not only on the land and its people, but also, to a large extent, on its gastronomy.
The two internationally renowned top chefs Othmar Schlegel, from Castello del Sole in Ascona and Dario Ranza from Principe Leopoldo in Lugano, incorporate in their gourmet creations traditional Swiss cuisine with the southern touch. Thus it is that the mouth already waters when reading the menu. Artichoke hearts, candied olives and tomatoes with a herb vinaigrette, together with roast breast of young chicken alla Maggia with mascarpone, served on a risotto pancake with olive oil-braised onions..
“SWISS Taste of Switzerland” is one of the innovations on the way to “Destination Excellence”, with emphasis on the various regions of Switzerland. The focus is not only on individual chefs, but also of the main regional ingredients which are used for the dishes. Thus it is that Othmar Schlegel is widely known for his herb garden, with more than 60 different spices.
The Canton of Graubunden is host aboard SWISS from December 2002 until end-.February 2003. It is during the Summer months that Canton Thurgau, in its bicentenary year, which will be providing a few surprises on board the national airline.