Continental Airlines ITA Software Advance

Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) has contracted with ITA Software to provide a pricing system for that offers customers a broader range of schedule and fare choices that more closely match customers` price-search requests. ITA`s search engine displays more choices of schedules and fares available between markets compared to typical pricing systems.
“With ITA`s powerful airfare shopping and pricing software, our `Search By Price` feature presents more trip and fare options that more closely match our customers` desired departure times,” said Bill Brunger, Continental Airlines vice president of distribution planning and revenue support. “The addition of ITA`s system to the new makes the travel shopping experience for Continental customers the best in the industry.”
ITA Software, which uses powerful Linux-based technology, optimizes customers` seat availability queries to Continental`s inventory system, producing greater schedule and airfare choices for consumers and providing Continental with an economic and efficient way of managing online demand.
“As more travel buyers conduct their research and book their plans online, it is critical for companies to accommodate their needs,” said Jeremy Wertheimer, president and CEO of ITA Software. “Continental Airlines is exemplifying true industry leadership by improving the buying experience of its customers while leveraging more efficient technologies.”
About Continental Airlines: Continental Airlines is the world`s seventh-largest airline and has more than 2,000 daily departures. With 131 domestic and 93 international destinations, Continental has the broadest global route network of any U.S. airline, including extensive service throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Continental has hubs serving New York, Houston, Cleveland and Guam, and carries approximately 41 million passengers per year on the newest jet fleet among major U.S. airlines. With 48,000 employees, Continental is one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For in America.” Fortune ranked Continental the No. 2 Most Admired Global Airline and No. 30 Most Admired Global Company in March 2002. For more company information, visit
About ITA Software: ITA Software, Inc. ( ) is the leader in innovative airline distribution technology. By providing high-value/low-cost software solutions ITA Software has pioneered modern systems for airlines. As the creators of efficient algorithms, matrix-style user interfaces, robust APIs, and sophisticated availability management systems, ITA Software has revolutionized travel distribution by providing airlines an alternative to legacy mainframe systems. ITA Software licenses its technology to many of the world`s leading travel companies, including Orbitz, Continental Airlines, Galileo International, SITA, Accovia, Amadeus, and others. Through ITA Software`s hosting centers, our customers provide travel services to their own web sites as well as consumer brands such as,, and ITA Software was founded by computer scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.