British Airways Business Travel Boost

British Airways today launches a £3 million campaign to boost business travel. The sales drive is spearheaded by a new national television advertising campaign with the message “The only truly flat bed to 44 destinations”.

The campaign is aimed at significantly increasing the airline’s current volumes of business travel from the UK to all parts of the globe.

The airline has also launched an offer of two free Club Europe (business class) tickets valid for travel throughout the summer when a full fare Club World fare is purchased.
Jayne O’Brien, British Airways head of UK & Ireland marketing said: “Global business conditions are tough and the business travel market remains highly competitive. Our unique fully flat bed gives us the best business class on the market and we hope that this great offer will encourage people to try it.”

The new TV advertisement, which will launch on Friday, 14 February, will highlight the benefit of being able to lie completely flat and get a proper night’s sleep and arrive ready to do business. Shot on location in both New York and London, the filming required all the lights on 74 billboards in Times Square to be turned off simultaneously - the first time a commercial production has ever turned off the lights in Times Square.
The vertically integrated campaign will be supported by posters on 170 sites across London, press, magazine and online advertising running until mid April. Wrap-around editions of the Financial Times will be given away to commuters at major London underground stations on 14 February.

The ongoing broadcast sponsorship of the Destinations Report on Sky News will now feature Club World flat beds five times a day from Monday 17 February.


* The TV advertisement features a business man walking into Times Square at night time and climbing into bed. He says goodnight, pulls the switch on his bedside lamp and all the lights in Times Square turn off. After a pause in the darkness, the lights go back up and he is in the same bed in Piccadilly Circus.
* To qualify for the offer, passengers must book and travel on a fully flexible Club World fare on British Airways, British Mediterranean or British Airways CitiExpress Manchester to New York route from 6 February to 30 April 2003.
* The Club Europe tickets can also be redeemed on all British Airways and British Airways CitiExpress European routes once the longhaul journey has been completed and are valid for travel throughout the summer holidays from 4 March to 30 September 2003. Passengers must pay all taxes, fees and charges on the Club Europe tickets.
* All travellers must be members of the Executive Club.
* Business travellers can join the Executive Club online at and take advantage of the offer.
* The Club World beds are available on 44 longhaul routes.
* For a copy of the TV advertisement contact Tiggy Dean on 0208 738 7122 or Emma Hill on 0208 738 5153