Andrew Sentance Appointed at BA

Dr Andrew Sentance, British Airways’ chief economist, is to assume additional responsibility as the airline’s head of environmental affairs. This appointment follows the retirement of Dr Hugh Somerville, head of sustainable business, last autumn.

In his role as chief economist, Andrew has supported British Airways’ environmental work both within the company, where he has led the development of the airline’s emissions trading policy, and through his participation on aviation industry environmental groups.
Commenting on his new role, Andrew Sentance said: “Our industry faces major environmental challenges including the need to reduce our contribution to global warning and address the impact of major airports on local communities. British Airways has played a leading role on these issues and we must continue to do so in the future if we are to prosper and succeed. Being a responsible business means continuing to improve our environmental performance and working with others to tackle the major challenges facing our industry.”

Andrew Sentance joined British Airways as chief economist in January 1998. He studied economics at Cambridge and the London School of Economics, where he gained his PhD in 1988. He was formerly director of economic affairs at the CBI and director of the Centre for Economic Forecasting at London Business School.