SWISS Wins Business Traveller Award

The German travel magazine ?Business Traveller” today awarded SWISS the Business Traveller Award as the best airline serving Norh and South America, at a ceremony in Frankfurt. SWISS is naturally delighted with the exceptional assessment which it received from the magazine’s readers.
Business travellers particularly enjoy flying Êwith the Swiss airline to North and South America. This was deduced from a survey of the readers of the ?Business Traveller”. Magazine.
The Business Traveller Award, a much sought-after honour, has been awarded every year for the last ten years. The frequent flyers questioned voted for SWISS in the ?On-board personnel” ?Ground personnel” ?Cabin configuration” and ?Food and Drink” categories, as well as putting it at the at the top of the ?Overall” category for the flights to North and South America
he Award ceremony took place in Frankfurt. Björn Näf accepted the award on behalf of SWISS in the presence of a large public.