Exchange of Views Between SWISS

SWISS today had a meeting in Basle with its social partners. The object of the discussions for the company was to provide information on the economic position of the airline industry and its effects on SWISS. The assembly was also given first-hand information concerning the precautions being taken concerning the Iraq crisis.
CEO André Dosé called upon the unions, to conscientiously assume their share of responsibility in maintaining the existence of SWISS.
For their part, the unions demanded clear and rapid information concerning the SWISS strategy, in addition to far-reaching preparations for the social partners, should reduction measures become necessary.
With this meeting, which will be followed by others on the subject, André Dosé wanted to enable all to understand the situation of SWISS and the airline industry.
SWISS is currently intensively studying adaptations to the network and the fleet and the rigorous alignment of its offer to the altered requirements of the market.
The Iraq crisis has nothing to do with the long-term measures
Dosé left no doubts as regards the theme of Iraq. A special Task Force is preparing the necessary reaction should warlike events occur in the Middle East. This reaction has nothing to do with the long-term adaptation of the SWISS offer previously mentioned.

The social partners, for their part, demanded from their employer speedy and clear information concerning the planned measures, as well as the preparation of a social plan equitable for all in the event of a reduction in the work force.

André Dosé called on all the assembled social partners to assume their responsibilities and together with the Management, direct their efforts towards the success of the company, and thus to the retention of jobs.