Air France Takes Measures for Air Lib

Air France has just learnt of the suspension of Air Lib`s flights, and would like to assure all Air Lib employees of Air France`s understanding at this difficult time. Air France will be doing its utmost to ensure the transport of Air Lib passengers, and has put in place the following measures:
á To Reunion Island and the French Caribbean

In order to cope with the critical situation caused by the suspension of Air Lib`s operations, the French government has asked Air France and Corsair to set up a supplementary flight schedule as soon as possible to enable passengers initially reserved on Air Lib to travel. For practical purposes, it has been decided that Air France should increase capacity on routes to Reunion Island, and that Corsair should do the same on routes to the French Caribbean.
Reunion Island:
á Starting today, and for about ten days, Air France will be increasing capacity by organizing additional flights to and from Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Passengers with Air Lib tickets travelling during this time (one-way outbound, one-way inbound, or round trip) will be able to travel on these additional flights at no extra cost.
á After that, additional capacity will be maintained.
For a trip (inbound return or round trip) completed before 29 March 2003, Air France will be offering special fares adapted to the circumstances to passengers with Air Lib tickets issued before 6 February 2003.
To take advantage of this special offer, passengers should exchange their Air Lib tickets before 22 February 2003.

To make a reservation on one of these additional flights, passengers must give their Air Lib ticket numbers and contact the following numbers:
(effective from 6 February 2003 at 3 p.m.) :
Air France Paris: 0 825 809 809 (€ 0.15/min)
Air France Reunion: 02 62 40 39 39 (local rate)
or their usual travel agency.
To Pointe-à-Pitre and Fort-de-France - In accordance with the government`s decision, Corsair will be increasing capacity on routes to and from the French Caribbean. Air France will, however, also help Air Lib passengers make their return journey on scheduled flights.
á On French domestic flights and Italian routes - For a fortnight, in exchange for their tickets issued before 6 February 2003, Air France will be offering Air Lib passengers a special adapted fare.