Malaysia Airlines Announces Expansion Plan

Encouraged by its improved performance & increased yields following the restructuring exercise and turnaround programme, Malaysia Airlines today unveiled its expansion plans, with particular focus on regional and domestic routes. The increased frequencies will provide a total of 150,346 passenger seats per week for the routes involved in the expansion plan (please refer to attachments)

The plan, announced by Senior General Manager of Sales, Distribution & Marketing, Dato Ahmad Fuaad Dahlan, reaffirms the airline`s position as the national flag carrier and its stature as a premier global carrier well equipped to support KLIA as an aviation hub with excellent connectivity potential both internationally and domestically. The airline will place particular focus on Malaysia and the region, as a strategy of expansion in this area should result in positive impact in increasing its average yield per passenger kilometre, attracting greater tourism opportunities in the domestic market and beyond.

The airline outlined future development plans to increase routes to China, Japan, the Middle East and India. Connectivity options from KLIA will be vastly improved, encouraging passenger growth. He added that the airline will leverage on additional traffic rights where there is no immediate plan, but charter operations can begin at any time.

In continuing its long term commitment to providing affordable domestic service in support of national cohesion, Malaysia Airlines has enhanced operations by introducing additional capacities using jet equipment and wide-body aircraft to key growth areas within Malaysia. Some highlights of this expansion: -

Domestic: Introduction of one daily wide-body A330/A332 service between Kuala Lumpur & Kota Kinabalu // Introduction of one daily wide-body A330/A332 service between Kuala Lumpur & Kuching // Introduction of Boeing 737 services between Kuching & Bintulu // Introduction of Fokker 50 services between Miri & Mulu // Increase of Boeing 737 frequencies between Kuala Lumpur & Penang/Johor Bahru/Kuantan/Terengganu. Increased services to Alor Star will begin February 13th.


p>Singapore - Shuttle operations between Kuala Lumpur & Singapore will be revamped with the introduction of A330 services to replace existing B737 services

Regional - Introduction of 3rd B737 weekly frequency to Yangon // Fifth B737 weekly frequency to Hanoi // Fourth and fifth B737 weekly frequency to Xiamen // Sixth and seventh F50 frequency between Kuching & Pontianak // Additional three weekly A330 frequencies to the existing twice daily operations to Bangkok. // Introduction of twice daily A330/332 wide-body frequencies to Shanghai, two additional A330 to Seoul, one direct and one via Kota Kinabalu // Additional A330 to Taipei via Kota Kinabalu // Introduction of B737 service between Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Canton // Introduction of two B737 services between Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Menandu // Introduction of two B737 services between Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and Balikpapan

International - Additional three B777 services between Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne // Additional A330 service to Perth // Two direct B747 services to Auckland // Three additional B747 services to Paris // Conversion of B777 to B747 to Amsterdam

Increased Seat Capacity per week - Domestic - an increase of 12,992 // Regional - an increase of 8,030 // International - an increase of 7,628

Speaking to reporters in a press conference today, Dato Fuaad said, “As well as developing the international arm of our operations, the emphasis today is to build the reputation of KLIA as an important international hub with enhanced connectivity for carriers and passengers. Today`s announcement of new and increased services to China is only the first installation with many more to come. We are particularly excited at the prospect of new routes and expanded service to India, subject to clearance with the appropriate authorities and establishment of commercial agreements. Regional connectivity is key to market growth. Much of what has been unveiled today is part of our five year projected strategy which we are now fast tracking aggressively to provide maximum regional and domestic connectivity and examining further possibilities of increased operations on potentially lucrative routes. We are thankful to the Malaysian government in securing additional landing rights which enables us to move forward quickly with our growth strategy.”