SNPL Joins Strike

The majority pilot union SNPL has decided to join the strike called by two minor pilot unions ALTER and SPAF for 2, 3, 4 and 5 February 2003.
At the request of the pilot unions, the management resumed discussions on 22 January on the long-term agreement which was due to be signed in Autumn 2002.

The management deplores this attitude where pilots have opted for strike action rather than continue talks alongside the other pilot unions, despite the fact that a meeting has been scheduled for next week.

The management is appealing to pilots to adopt a more responsible approach, as they are well aware of the very difficult situation in air transport since 11 September 2001.

This call for strike action can only be negatively perceived, given the increasingly bleak climate of uncertainty with regard to the international situation.

As this confrontational attitude is not shared by the three other unions, disruption to the Air France flight schedule will be limited:


Long-haul services:
Around 85% of scheduled flights should be operated.
All destinations should be covered by flights operated by Air France and its partners. Despite some disruption, all passengers will be flown to their destination.
Short and medium-haul services:
85% of Air France flights will be operated, including all regional flights operated by our subsidiaries and franchisees.
Given the moderate load factors expected during this period, almost all our passengers should reach their destination with very little delay.
In view of the changes to the Air France flight schedule, passengers can obtain more precise information on long-haul services as from the evening of 31 January, and on short and medium-haul services as from 1st February:
Internet :
Minitel : 3615/3616 Code AF