ATA Awarded FAA Approval

INDIANAPOLIS—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Jan. 31, 2003—ATA (American Trans Air, Inc.)(Nasdaq:ATAH) is now the only commercial airline at Chicago-Midway with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for lower visibility operations. Currently, advanced technologies exist in ATA`s new fleet of Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 757-300 aircraft. These technologies include auto flight systems and Head-Up Guidance Systems that enable the aircraft to reduce landing visibility from Runway Visual Range (also know as RVR4000) of 3/4 of a mile to 5/8 of a mile (RVR3000). The lower visibility-landing operations allow for fewer aircraft diversions, fewer delays and better on-time performance. The approval goes into effect today.

“ATA is aggressively working to find every resource available to enhance its flight operations,” said Jim Hlavacek, ATA`s Chief Operating Officer. “We`re proud to be the leader in introducing new technologies for more efficient flying at Chicago-Midway.”

ATA now has the youngest, most fuel-efficient scheduled fleet among the major carriers. The Boeing 737-800 is equipped with performance enhancing winglets that reduce aerodynamic drag and boost the aircraft`s performance. The aircraft, which seats 175 passengers, includes the latest avionics and safety improvements. The Boeing 757-300 has the lowest seat-mile cost of any single-aisle and mid-sized jetliner, making it an extremely cost-effective airplane for the carrier to operate. The aircraft burns less fuel than older mid-range airplanes, meets community noise restrictions and complies with strict new international emissions standards. The aircraft seats 247 passengers.

Now celebrating its 30th year of operation, ATA is the nation`s 10th largest passenger carrier based on revenue passenger miles. ATA operates significant scheduled service from Chicago-Midway and Indianapolis to over 40 business and vacation destinations. Stock of the Company`s parent company, ATA Holdings Corp. (formerly known as Amtran, Inc.), is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol “ATAH.” To learn more about the company, visit the Company`s website at