On-board Service Changes to easyJet

easyJet is making a number of changes to its on-board service and products in order to continue to keep fares low and help retain the position of Europe`s most popular low-cost airline.

Following a long-running analysis comparing the different boarding methods of easyJet and Go, easyJet has decided to retain a free seating policy across all services. This means that, from the start of the Summer flying period in late-March, all flights (including those previously operated by Go) will have free seating. This makes boarding quicker so aircraft wastes less time on the ground at airports.

In addition, there will be changes to the on-board catering service. At present, easyJet offers a range of food and drink for passengers to purchase, including sandwiches. From 1 February, the on-board offering on routes operated by easyJet will be simplified (Go flights will remain unaffected until 30 March). This means that there will be better availability of fewer products - and an end to the frustration of certain items sometimes being unavailable towards the end of the day. The new menu will include soup with a roll and additional popular snacks but will not include sandwiches. From 30 March, the new, simplified service will be offered on all services.

David Magliano, easyJet Sales and Marketing Director, said:

“Low-cost airlines need to constantly question every aspect of the business model to innovate and flourish. One of the great benefits of combining two successful low-cost airlines is that it allows us to compare and contrast the manner in which the low-cost product is delivered.


“Having looked long and hard at the boarding process and the on-board services of both airlines, we have chosen to eliminate complex (and expensive) procedures in favour of keeping things simple. This will enable us to pass on the savings to customers in the form of lower fares.”

At present, Go and easyJet are operating separate flights. This will change from Sunday 30 March when all flights will be operated by easyJet only.