Test Flight for New BA Uniform

British Airways will today take a step towards introducing a new uniform when its staff around the world begin wearer trials of a stylish new design.

More than 100 airline staff, including check-in agents, cabin and flight crew, will trial the Julien Macdonald design on flights and at airports around the world.

The new design reflects the airline’s great British heritage combining the qualities of a classic tailored pin stripe suit with the style and creative flair of Julien MacDonald. The uniform includes contemporary details such as branded cufflink buttons and a striking red lining.

Martin George, British Airways’ director of marketing, said: “Our uniform is one of the most powerful symbols of the British Airways brand and it is important that it is worn with pride by our people both on the ground and in the air.

“The wearer trials represent a vital part of the new uniform’s development - giving our people the chance to test how comfortable and practical it is and give us their valuable feedback.


“It is the right time for British Airways to start the wearer trials now, however, we will not commit to the investment of rolling out the uniform until the business is in the right financial position.”

In creating the new design Julien worked with top milliner Stephen Jones to design a hat reminiscent of pioneering aviation days. The hat will be worn by all female staff on the Concorde team and by staff at promotional events. A new handbag, designed by Tanner Krolle of London, finishes off the new, stylish look.

Julien MacDonald, designer of the new uniform said: “Before designing the new uniform I spent a great deal of time talking to British Airways staff to see what they wanted from their new uniform. It will be great to see them wearing it and I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say.”

The uniform is being tested by staff in countries around the world from, Stockholm to the Seychelles, to see how comfortable it is in different climates. Concorde cabin crew will also take part in the trial.

Over the coming months a number of fabrics will be tested to ensure the uniform is durable and hard wearing.

á Design drawings of the new uniform are available on www.newscast.co.uk. á Staff testing the new uniform include cabin crew, flight crew, dispatchers and customer service staff. á When completed nearly 30,000 staff will wear the new uniform. á The current British Airways uniform is designed by Paul Costelloe.