Casto American Airlines EveryFare Program

SAN FRANCISCO - Casto Travel, the largest privately owned travel management company in the Western United States, has joined the American Airlines EveryFare program, which provides Casto access to American’s popular “Web fares ” via its Global Distribution System (GDS).

“We have conducted extensive research regarding the EveryFare program and concluded that the benefits to our clients in one-stop shopping for the lowest fare far outweigh the possible increase in costs from GDS fees many years down the road,” said Maryles Casto, CEO and President of Casto Travel.

Client demand for Web fare access is growing, according to Marc Casto, agency Vice President. “The travel managers for our clients have been universal in their requests for us to provide the lowest fare for travel at all times, regardless if it is a normally published fare or a Web fare,” he said. “By signing on with the EveryFare program, our clients are secure in the knowledge that Casto will always offer the lowest possible fare.”

Casto’s Chief Financial Officer Gus Vellejo added, “Low fares are a key component to a successful travel program, and Casto is pleased to be able to provide our clients this added value service.”

“A top-quality agency like Casto is a tremendous addition to the EveryFare program,” said Craig Kreeger, American’s Vice President-Sales. “With EveryFare, Casto Travel will provide its clients the full range of American ‘s public fares through their GDS - including Web fares - and at the same time help us reduce overall distribution costs. We’re delighted to welcome Casto to the EveryFare program.”


American announced the innovative EveryFare program in September and is making its popular Web fares available for sale by any traditional “bricks and mortar” U.S. or Canadian travel agency that signs up for the EveryFare program. As a result, EveryFare participants become long-term, lower-cost distribution channels for American.

The innovative EveryFare program provides Web fares in exchange for effectively shifting the responsibility for the cost of GDS booking fees from American to the travel agency. American initially gives travel agencies an allowance credit of approximately US$4 per flight coupon. Travel agents then pay to American an amount equal to their own GDS fees, based upon their own choice of GDS services and products.

The allowance paid agencies gradually declines during the term of the contract to allow EveryFare program participants time to seek lower GDS fees. The result will be lower distribution costs for American on all fares distributed via participating EveryFare agencies.

More information about this innovative program is available online at or simply by clicking on “Business & Agency Programs” on the home page.

About Casto Travel:
Casto Travel is the largest privately owned travel management company in the Western United States. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Casto has five offices located in major cities throughout the United States and two offices internationally. Casto Travel provides a broad range of high-level travel services to a vast client base of corporate and leisure clientele, including the majority of Silicon Valley`s top companies. For more information, please visit

About American Airlines, Inc.:
American Airlines is the world`s largest carrier. American, in concert with American Eagle and the AmericanConnection regional carriers, makes up the American Airlines network. Together, they serve more than 250 cities in 41 countries and territories with approximately 4,400 daily flights. The combined network fleet numbers more than 1,100 aircraft. Only American provides More Room Throughout Coach for More Coach Passengers. American Airlines is a founding member of the oneworld alliance.