Lufthansa Deploys Shepherd System

Shepherd Systems, a subsidiary of Galileo International and a leading provider of marketing intelligence software and services for the travel industry, today announced that Lufthansa German Airlines (Lufthansa) is deploying an advanced customized version of Shepherd’s Booking Information System (BIS), which provides travel booking data from a variety of sources, to enhance the airline’s sales performance.

Shepherd Systems’ BIS supports sales teams by providing all the necessary sales intelligence data to target specific markets, increase sales volumes, eliminate paperwork and provide portable data access via the Internet for presentations during sales calls. Lufthansa worked closely with Shepherd Systems to enhance Shepherd’s BIS with new benchmarking capabilities, alert reports, monitoring facilities and a systematic evaluation of advance booking data. Technical enhancements make the program faster and reduce the download time of local data, while the integration of a remote access module allows every user to access the entire Lufthansa Market Information Data Transfer (MIDT) database from its 130,000 travel agencies, with optimized performance results. The system is being deployed throughout Lufthansa’s network of 650 salespeople.

“Shepherd Systems understands the airline business intimately and has successfully incorporated our new ideas to create a customized sales tool that puts at our sales teams’ fingertips the crucial industry data and information they need to increase sales,” said Dr. Burkhard Guse, Lufthansa Sales Support Systems. “Shepherd Systems has been a true partner in this project. By coupling their wide-ranging knowledge of airline sales and marketing with our innovative concepts, we feel we’ve developed a system that gives us a competitive advantage. We look forward to continued cooperation and expect to introduce additional capabilities for our users in future releases.”

“Our extensive experience in airline sales and marketing data and previous projects with Lufthansa made it easier for our team to rise to the challenge of incorporating Lufthansa’s unique requests into the BIS,” said Mike Malik, Shepherd Systems president and CEO. “The result is a very progressive system that minimizes the effort required for analysis; identifies areas for potential business; and leaves more time to concentrate on the sales negotiations that will ultimately help Lufthansa enhance its sales force’s performance.”

About Shepherd Systems:
Shepherd Systems is an industry leader in the provision of sales and marketing intelligence systems and services within the travel industry. The company’s customer base includes 42 international and U.S. major airlines. Shepherd Systems is a leader in airline marketing intelligence and sales force automation products. These products include: executive information, sales manager and sales representative systems that integrate travel agent Global Distribution Service bookings (MIDT), flown revenue and Airline Reporting Corporation/Bank Settlement Plan sales data. In addition, Shepherd Systems provides Galileo MIDT to the industry. For more information about Shepherd Systems, visit


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Galileo International is a global technology leader. Its core business is providing electronic global distribution services for the travel industry through its computerized reservation systems, leading-edge products and innovative Internet-based solutions. Galileo is a value-added distributor of travel inventory dedicated to supporting its travel supplier, agency and corporate customers and, through them, expanding traveler choice. A subsidiary of Cendant Corporation (NYSE: CD), Galileo is part of Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services Division and is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, USA, with offices worldwide. Visit

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