Virgin Blue Mid-Week Mini-Fare Madness

Virgin Blue has launched a new low-fare product, cementing its position as Australia’s only true low fare airline.

“Mid-Week Mini-Fares” will allow travellers to grab fantastic deals on off-peak seats.

While Virgin Blue already offers everyday low fares, the airline recognises that a large number of people, such as students, people in the hospitality industry and retirees, are both value conscious and have lifestyles that allow them to travel mid-week.

The new “Mid-Week Mini-Fare” will offer bargain basement fares on off-peak direct flights to any destination on the Virgin Blue route network on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Virgin Blue Head of Commercial David Huttner said, “Whether you are a student wanting to go home for a few days or grandparents keen to visit the grandkids, the “Mid-Week Mini-Fare” will mean even more affordable flying and the opportunity to travel more often.”


He continued, “If we have off-peak seats not in high demand, we would rather give them away at unbeatable fares than have them go empty - that’s what Virgin Blue is all about.”

Fair Fare terms and conditions apply and the “Mid-Week Mini-Fares” can be booked via the Internet or $10 more each way via the Guest Contact Centre.

“This is not a one-off sale, this is part of Virgin Blue’s long term strategy to ensure we remain the market leader when it comes to low fares and great service”, finished David Huttner.