United Reduces Business Fares

CHICAGO, Jan. 6, 2003 å- United Airlines announced today it will meet the pricing needs of business travelers head-on by offering sharply reduced one-way business fares for travel in markets to and from Chicago and Denver å-the airlineå‘s top two hubs å- as well as thousands of markets reached through connecting service.

With no advance purchase, customers can now get up to 40% off the unrestricted, refundable coach fares.  There are no minimum or Saturday night stay requirements, though discounted tickets will be nonrefundable.  United is offering these new fares because business customers have made it clear that they are seeking more affordability,  availability and flexibility.  Customers taking advantage of these new walk-up fares can also enjoy the added comfort of Economy Plus seating.

“United has been listening to our customers and testing variations of this new fare concept for more than a year in numerous Chicago and Denver markets,” said Chris Bowers, senior vice president-sales and reservations. “We have been adjusting the tests over time and analyzing the results, and we are now ready to implement on a broader basis. We have settled on a new business fare structure that will be rolled out in many new domestic markets to and from Chicago and Denver and thousands of other connecting markets.

  “These new fares are a boon for customers because they can obtain more affordable fares.  And United benefits from increased revenues by attracting additional business customers,” Bowers said.

For customers able to purchase 7 days in advance, the discount is even greater.


Although these new business fares are non-refundable, confirmed changes can be made for a $100 service fee.  Customers can also stand by for free on earlier or later flights on the same day they are ticketed to fly.

In buying United the customer is also buying:

Access to a comprehensive flight network through United and United Express and the Star Alliance, the world’s premier international network;
Mileage Plus, United’s award-winning frequent flier program;
Operational excellence; United has been at or near the top of the industry in on-time performance throughout 2002.

News releases and other information about United Airlines can be found at the company’s website, www.united.com.