FAA Proposes $75,000 Fine Against Grand Holdings, Inc

The Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) has
proposed a $75,000 civil penalty
against Grand Holdings, Inc.,
Bloomington, MN, doing business as
Champion Air, for failing to inspect
escape slide release cables as ordered
by the agency.

On June 25, 1990, the FAA issued
Airworthiness Directive 90-12-11 R1,
which requires the visual inspection of
each escape slide release cable at
intervals not to exceed 12 months on
Boeing model 727, 737, and 757 series

The FAA alleges Champion failed to
inspect each of the four escape slide
release cables installed on N681CA, a
Boeing 727, at 12-month intervals as
required by the Airworthiness
Directive.  This aircraft was flown on
830 flights from January 1, 2001, until
November 1, 2001, without compliance. 
The aircraft has since been inspected
and found to be airworthy.

Champion has 30 days to respond to the
FAA civil penalty notice. This
announcement is made in accordance with
the FAA’s practice of releasing
information to the public on newly
issued enforcement actions involving
penalties equal to or greater than