Air Canada/Air Canada Jazz Advise Of Possible Baggage And Flight Delays For U.S. Connecting Travel

As a result of new, mandatory U.S.
security measures announced on December 30, Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz
advise that customers with travel plans that originate outside of the U.S. and
include a U.S.-based connecting flight may experience flight delays and/or may
arrive at their destination without their checked baggage.

Air Canada recognizes that strengthened and evolving security
requirements for travel to, from and through the U.S. may impact its
passengers and is doing everything possible to minimize travel disruptions as
a result of the new requirements. Every effort will be made to minimize flight
delays and misconnected checked baggage will be delivered to customers
promptly upon arrival at its final destination.

Air Canada was advised on December 30, 2002 by the U.S. Transportation
Security Agency (TSA) of new procedures for international flights required
under the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, effective January 1, 2003.
These procedures require that all checked baggage arriving into the United
States from international destinations and connecting to other flights or
continuing on the same flight must be screened in the U.S. by TSA employees
prior to being loaded onto another flight or prior to the same flight
continuing its journey.

Air Canada customers whose travel itineraries terminate in the U.S. do
not require a TSA screening of checked baggage upon their arrival in the U.S.
Customers planning travel to or through the U.S. are advised to review
before departure the TSA`s travel tips and new security screening procedures
at or