New Livery for KLM Fleet

AMSTELVEEN December 20, 2002 å- KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will modernize the livery of its entire fleet during the coming years. The phased operation coincides with the delivery of KLMå‘s new intercontinental fleet, starting next year. The first aircraft to sport the new colors is the Boeing 747-400 “City of Jakarta,” which rolled out of the Schiphol hangar on December 19.

The new, more potent image is part of KLM’s ongoing drive to improve and renew its product and ties in with the introduction of the new Boeing 777s, Airbus A330s, and Boeing 747-400 Freighters.

New design: KLM’s familiar bright blue is unchanged, but now covers a larger portion of the aircraft. The dark-blue strip below, running from nose to tail, has been made much thinner, and the white strip below that has been dropped entirely. Because the bright-blue section is now bigger, the KLM logo has been enlarged, but otherwise remains the same, as does the tail design. Further changes include the engines and underside of the aircraft, which will now be painted a cool grey (a very light, almost white tint), replacing the existing darker grey.

Schedule: To ensure the continuity of flight operations, aircraft will undergo their metamorphosis during their regular maintenance checks or scheduled revamps. Naturally, all of the new Boeing 777-200 ERs, Airbus A330-200s, and Boeing 747-400 ER Freighters will be delivered in the new KLM livery.

The new livery was designed in collaboration with the Sinot Associates agency in The Netherlands.


Photos of the KLM Boeing 747-400 in its new livery are available at