Northwest Temporarily Suspends A Service

TOKYO å- (December 18, 2002) å- Northwest Airlines today announced that it has temporarily suspended its daily nonstop service between Tokyo Narita Airport and Guam through December 20, 2002. While the airport has re-opened, the airport and local infrastructure remain severely strained, and local hotels and other businesses have asked visitors to delay their travel for the immediate future as they have already reached their maximum capacity.

Super-typhoon Pongsona struck Guam on December 8, 2002, and recovery efforts continue. Following the typhoon, Northwest suspended its schedule and then resumed service to Guam on December 11 with two flights, suspended operations on December 12 and 13, and then resumed operations on December 14 with one flight. On December 15, Northwest operated one flight carrying passengers as well as 20,000 pounds of disaster relief supplies, including generators for Guam Memorial Hospital. The airline has not operated a passenger flight to Guam since the 15th.

“All of us at Northwest Airlines, a company with a long and proud history of providing reliable air transportation to Guam, want to see the island and its residents’ lives return to normal as quickly as possible,” said Jun Mokudai, president - Japan. “We hope this temporary suspension of service will help allow Guam’s already taxed resources be directed toward rebuilding the community, infrastructure and businesses. We look forward to a resumption of Northwest’s schedule as quickly as possible.”

Northwest’s current plans are to resume daily nonstop 747 service between Guam and Tokyo on December 21, 2002. The airline encourages customers traveling to Guam before December 21 to contact Northwest Airlines international reservations. For customers calling from the United States or Guam, the telephone number is 1-800-447-4747. For customers calling from Tokyo, the number is 3533 6000. For customers calling from Japan outside of Tokyo, the number is 0120 120 747. Northwest Airlines representatives will assist customers in rescheduling their travel plans.

The airline has also announced that it is waiving administrative fees and fare differences related to changes in the day of the week travel occurs for itineraries scheduled prior to December 24, 2002.


NWA Cargo, which operates weekly 747 freighter service from the United States to Guam via its Tokyo hub, has resumed its flights. NWA Cargo has the capability to operate additional flights to Guam on short notice, including transporting supplies into Guam as part of the recovery effort. For additional information, interested parties may contact the NWA Cargo Service Center in the U.S. at 1-800-692-2746.

Northwest’s daily nonstop service from Tokyo to Saipan remains unaffected.