André Dosé Entrepreneur of the Year

The Zurich Business Journalists’ Association has named André Dosé its “Entrepreneur of the Year” for 2002.  Announcing the distinction, the association’s award panel praised the SWISS CEO’s “consummate skill at keeping an airship shaken by internal and external turbulence on a fairly even course”.  Dosé follows in the footsteps of last year’s winner, Jens Alder, CEO of Swisscom.

André Dosé is one of the most closely-scrutinised captains of industry in Switzerland, as the association observed.  Business journalists - themselves prominent among these intense observers - are quick to praise many qualities they have seen in SWISS’s CEO.  “His clear and open language and his sense of reality go down well with the public,” the association points out,  “and these are both key assets which helped Mr. Dosé secure our Entrepreneur of the Year award.” 

André Dosé himself is delighted at the distinction.  “This is a great reward for the tremendous effort it has taken me and all our staff to get SWISS aloft,” he said. 

“But resting on our laurels is the last thing we should do,” he added.  “2003 will be another extremely demanding year for SWISS - a year in which we need to bring our company a good deal closer to our desired business success.”