Air France Tests Biometrics

Air France is currently testing a biometrics technique using fingerprints at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, on flights bound for Tel Aviv.
” With this experiment, Air France is demonstrating its desire to innovate and acquire leadership in the use of new technologies, enabling us to improve passenger services at the airport. We are already working with the authorities to extend the use of biometrics “, declared Pascal de Izaguirre, Air France`s Senior Vice President for Ground Operations.
The aim of this experiment, carried out with volunteers, is to ensure that any Air France passenger who has checked in a bag also boards the aircraft. Fingerprints are taken using an electronic box installed on the check-in desk, which are then compared using an identical electronic box at the boarding gate. This test is carried out with the authorization of the Paris Airports Authorities and the Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés (French Information Technology and Freedom Commission), which has issued precise recommendations aimed at respecting confidentiality. These recommendations are scrupulously followed by Air France.
Biometrics enables us to recognize an individual by personal characteristics such as the shape of the face or the palm of the hand, fingerprints or the contour of the iris. It represents a real opportunity to improve the check-in and boarding processes for passengers, especially by simplifying passport control and boarding, whilst maintaining irreproachable safety standards.
Air France`s Ground Operations Division has therefore decided to apply these new techniques which meet all security requirements, in the aim of improving and personalizing the service offered to customers.