New Head for Finnair Cargo Oy

Mikko Kuntola, Managing Director of Finnair Cargo Oy, which takes care of Finnair’s cargo-handling operations, is to enter retirement as of December 31, 2002.

The company’s new Managing Director as of January 1, 2003 has been named as Juha Kinnunen. In his new post, Kinnunen will also accede as Vice President to the Finnair Group Board of Management.

Juha Kinnunen has been with Finnair since 1969. For much of this period he has been involved with Finnair’s sales units abroad. In recent years, he has worked in Finnair’s Head Office-based marketing organization, with responsibility for the development of client and sales management systems.

“To being with the challenge is increase the efficiency of cargo revenue and yield management across our entire network,” says Juha Kinnunen. “We will also place an emphasis on the development of client management. This will result in a high level of customer satisfaction and improved profitability for cargo operations.”