Ryanair Recommendations on NATS

Ryanair confirmed that it attended a hearing yesterday with the UK CAA on the CAA`s proposals for refinancing NATS.

At the hearing Ryanair made the following points:
1. The NATS shareholders (which include the UK Government and the Airline Group) should be required to bear the financial burden of this refinancing, as they would have to do under normal commercial circumstances. The fact that the shareholders are backing out of their responsibility means that users and ultimately consumers are being forced to bail NATS out.

2. If users are forced to pay more, it must be on condition of significant improvements in NATS` current abysmal service levels. UK passengers have been subjected to endless delays and cancellations due to NATS` service failures. Ryanair proposed a system that would reward front-line NATS personnel if service improves, but penalise NATS if its current poor performance continues.

3. Users must receive an equitable return on any contribution they are forced to make to support NATS` refinancing.
Ryanair awaits the final decision by the CAA at which stage it will be in a better position to decide whether legal action is necessary.