Foundation Stone Laid for Lufthansa

The foundation stone for the new Lufthansa administrative building at Frankfurt Airport was laid today in the presence of the Minister President of the state of Hesse, Roland Koch, and the Mayor of Frankfurt, Petra Roth.
The Deputy Chairman of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Wolfgang Mayrhuber, took the opportunity to reiterated Lufthansa`s expectations that plans for the expansion of Frankfurt Airport would proceed quickly: “We are enthusiastic about our Frankfurt location. And we are delighted when others share this enthusiasm and support us in our conviction that we have good reason to invest in further projects on this site.” The current project has cost about 200 million euros.
At the end of 2004, when the initial construction phase is complete, the building will provide modern office space for 1,800 Lufthansa employees. Thanks to its modular structure, it can be extended as required to accommodate up to 4,500 staff. Today Lufthansa is already the biggest employer in Hesse: 32,000 of Lufthansa`s more than 90,000 employees live in this region. “They and their families are members of various local communities, they enjoy living here, they support local traders and they have every interest in ensuring that their company is a good neighbour. That is another reason why environmental care, besides greater profitability, efficiency and safety, is a major motivating force,” Mayrhuber stressed.

Minister President Roland Koch paid tribute to the importance of the new Lufthansa administrative building for the region. “By building at Frankfurt Airport Lufthansa is demonstrating confidence in the location, which is without compare in Germany. We are striving to give Lufthansa the opportunity to realise growth here too, in order to protect the interests of the surrounding region.” Frankfurt Mayor Petra Roth added: “I am delighted at Lufthansa`s strong confidence in Frankfurt as a business location within the framework of corporate development. I would like to encourage everyone to invest in Frankfurt, as Lufthansa has done. It is worthwhile, for you and for us.”

The design selected for the new Lufthansa building in Frankfurt was the winning entry in an international architecture competition held in 1999. Communication and transparency are central to the design by the Düsseldorf-based architects Ingenhoven, Overdiek und Partner. Optimal working conditions for the staff were an important leitmotif during the planning phase. The comb-like structure of the building creates light and airy atriums with green inner courtyards that help to absorb noise and emissions. Natural ventilation in the office areas ensures a pleasant atmosphere and a quality work environment. The inner gardens will be landscaped in different styles, representing the five continents of the earth to symbolise Lufthansa`s global connections. As Stefan Lauer, Lufthansa Chief Executive Human Resources, explained: “It was important for us to make the high quality of the architecture and design a tangible experience for our staff, who every day bring their expertise and creativity to Lufthansa. This is not just a building; it is a question of corporate culture.”

As much nature as possible - as much technology as possible. The low-energy design of the new facility, which is made of glass, wood and stone, only uses about one third of the energy needed for a conventional building. Thanks to a thermo-active modular system the offices can be heated and cooled without additional radiators, thus providing a balance between economy and ecology in a responsible and future-oriented manner.

The new Lufthansa building at Frankfurt Airport is located to the east of the Lufthansa Flight Training Center between the Airport Ring and the A3 motorway. Together with the new ICE rail station it will create a state-of-the-art architectural highlight which will make its mark on the Frankfurt skyline.