Cooperation Change LOT and British Airways

LOT Polish Airlines and British Airways are going to change the rules governing their cooperation. This is aimed at achieving strategic objectives of both carriers and is a consequence of their participation in competing airline alliances. In 2003 LOT is becoming a full member of Star Alliance while the British carrier heads a grouping called OneWorld.

The discontinuation of cooperation under a code-share agreement means that as of 30 March 2003 LOT and British Airways will not offer for sale their own seats on the flights between Poland and Great Britain serviced by the other partner’s planes. Both carriers have declared their willingness to further cooperate within the framework of free and fair competition. The number of connections and hours of operations shown in flight timetables remain unchanged, as do the rules governing the recognition of tickets and reservations.

LOT Polish Airlines and British Airways are going to continue to offer a high-quality product and timetable attuned to the expectations of their clients, with simultaneous emphasis of their membership in two different, prestigious and worldwide airline alliances.