American Welcomes Corporate Travel Planners

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - Corporate Travel Planners, Inc., has signed up for the American Airlines EveryFaresm program, giving the large San Antonio-based travel agency access to American’s popular “Web fares” via the Global Distribution System (GDS).

“Being able to offer a wider range of American’s fares, including Web fares, through the GDS is going to be a tremendous benefit to our clients,” said Christy Prescott, president of Corporate Travel Planners, Inc. “Our customers have expressed interest in Web fares, and the EveryFare program helps us serve our clients—both corporate and leisure travelers—even better.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Corporate Travel Planners to the EveryFare program,” said Craig Kreeger, American vice president-Sales. “Corporate Travel Planners’ customers will benefit from a wider range of American Airlines fares, including Web fares. American will benefit, too, from long term, lower cost distribution.”

American announced the innovative EveryFare program in September and is making its Web Fares available for sale by any traditional “bricks and mortar” U.S. or Canadian travel agency that signs up for the EveryFare program, and thus becomes a long term, lower cost distribution channel.

The innovative EveryFare program provides these Web fares in exchange for effectively shifting the responsibility for the cost of global distribution system (GDS) booking fees from American Airlines to the travel agency. American initially gives travel agencies an allowance credit of approximately US$4 per flight coupon. Travel agents then pay to American an amount equal to their own GDS fees, based upon their own choice of GDS services and products.


The allowance paid agencies gradually declines during the term of the contract, to allow EveryFare program participants time to seek lower GDS fees. The result will be lower distribution costs for American on all fares distributed via participating EveryFare agencies.

More information about this innovative program is available online at or simply by clicking on “Business & Agency Programs” on the homepage.

About Corporate Travel Planners, Inc. -
CTPI is headquartered in San Antonio and was founded in 1991. CTPI`s retail travel division Rennert Cruise & Tour, was founded in 1898. CTPI`s annual sales represent over $105 million. A major factor in CTPI`s continuous growth has been our ability to anticipate industry trends and position our company accordingly through aggressive negotiation, trend setting technology and diversification. Moreover, CTPI has successfully withstood the ongoing changes within the travel industry and we continue to offer innovative services.

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