New members in Finnair Oyj Board

In its meeting today, the Finnair Oyj Supervisory Board elected the members of the Finnair Oyj Board of Directors for the financial year 2003.

Minister Christoffer Taxell was elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Executive Vice President Kari Jordan, Secretary of State Antti Satuli and Managing Director Kaisa Vikkula were elected as new members and Director-General Samuli Haapasalo, LL.M. Ari Heiniö, Senior Quality Advisor Helena Terho were re-elected to the Board.

“Finnair has successfully made it through the recent upheavals in the airline industry. With the make up of new Board of Directors, we want to ensure that the company continues to have the use of experienced and skilful representatives of business and society,” says Markku Hyvärinen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Counsellor of State Harri Holkeri who has served with Finnair in positions of trust since 1971, most recently as Chairman of the Board of Directors between 1997 and 2002, leaves his post content.

“I am proud that Finnair, through good times and tougher times, has continuously offered its customers a high level of service that does not fade in comparison. Now is a good time for me to pass on the steering of the company to new, younger hands,” Holkeri says.