Memorial Event Commemorates Bassersdorf

Sunday, November 24 marks the first anniversary of the loss of Crossair flight LX 3597 near Bassersdorf, Switzerland, with the loss of 24 lives.  The occasion is being marked with a memorial event attended by the families and friends of the deceased and some of the nine occupants who survived.  The accident investigation is still under way. 

The bereaved and the survivors will be joined at 15:00 on Sunday by members of SWISS and official representatives for the commemorative event and the unveiling of a memorial stone at the accident site.  The event will be followed at 17:00 by an interfaith service to be held in memory of the deceased at Kloten’s Reformed Church.  The bereaved will be accompanied throughout by members of the SWISS Care Team.
The accident occurred shortly after 22:00 on November 24, 2001, just a few minutes before the flight was due to land at Zurich Airport.  A preliminary report by the Swiss air accident investigation office issued on November 30, 2001 produced no conclusive indications as to the cause of the crash.  The complex investigation is still under way; SWISS is supporting the investigating authorities with all available means. 

A number of payments were made to the relatives of the deceased immediately after the accident to help ease any financial difficulties.  SWISS is now awaiting further details from the passengers concerned and/or their survivors to determine the precise amounts of compensatory damages to be paid.