Healthy Flying with Lufthansa

Next weekend, around 140 travel health experts from all over Germany will gather together at Lufthansa Training Center in Seeheim where they will participate in the first forum for travel medicine being held there.
In addition to travel medicine topics, like new vaccination strategies or illnesses on vacation, various health aspects in connection with flying, from telemedicine via Internet on board via the transport of intensive care patients right through to healthy nutrition, air quality and hygiene aboard commercial aircraft will be on the conference program. “Lufthansa is the leading airline company in the area of travel medicine and healthy travel”, said Thomas Sattelberger, Executive Vice-President Product and Service at Deutsche Lufthansa AG, in the run-up to the symposium. “We take into account the needs of our passengers for health and well-being from every point of view.”
The specialist conference rounds off a package of measures with which Lufthansa has long since been involved in the area of health and wellbeing on flights. Thus, Sattelberger today announced that the test run of the Internet on board starting on 15 January, is also intended to be used for the testing of telemedicine. Within the context of the medical symposium, together with its partner, the German center for aerospace (DLR), the airline company will set the seal on further development in a letter of intent.

As the first airline company worldwide, Lufthansa has the use via an efficient broadband Internet connection of the appropriate transmission capacity for data dispatch. The most important vital parameters of a patient like the oxygen saturation of the blood or an electrocardiogram can then be directly transmitted from the aircraft to a ground station. On the basis of this data, the doctors there can make a precise diagnosis and provide the flight crew or specialists aboard with specific information about a therapy. In critical cases, contact with the ground station can simplify the decision about an emergency landing.

Lufthansa already offers its guests a wealth of information about the topic “Wellbeing on board” prior to the start of the journey via the Internet. Passengers find advice in the InfoFlyway on the topics of health, diet and relaxation during a flight. For travel planning, the website also lists detailed information about destination countries, for example, about the climate, required vaccinations as well as entry regulations. During the forum on travel health, interested InfoFlyway users can also ask questions on the topical themes of the symposium and exchange experience with the experts.