ALPA Urges Passengers to Prepare

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Air Line Pilots Association, International, today announced its participation in Prepare for Takeoff, the Transportation Security Administration`s (TSA) new passenger awareness campaign to inform travelers about new security measures at the nation`s airports. The campaign promotes a “checklist” approach to preparations and procedures that will help passengers prepare for travel before they go to the airport and assist them once they arrive.

“Airline pilots use checklists before, during, and after each flight to guarantee that every flight procedure is accomplished completely and in the proper order,” said ALPA President Captain Duane Woerth. “Checklists help ensure the safety of each flight.”

“Prepare for Takeoff offers practical checklists and other tips created to help passengers know how to pack, what to wear, what to expect in terms of security measures and other information that will help keep lines moving at the airport and ease the stress of air travel. More importantly, educated, aware passengers are a boon to airline security,” Woerth emphasized.

More information regarding the campaign can be found on ALPA`s Website Other partners in this campaign include the airlines, travel agents and customer service organizations that interact with passengers. Educational information is available on the TSA Website at

ALPA, chartered in 1931 by the AFL-CIO, represents 66,000 airline pilots at 42 airlines in United States and Canada.