British Airways Pilots Salute Remembrance

Sixty-four of British Airways’ pilots, lead a double life.

Not only do they fly for the commercial airline, they are also reservists for the armed services.

Six of them represented their forces in a photocall with this year’s British Airways ‘poppy plane’ in commemoration of Remembrance Day.

The pilots, who can be called upon to fly for the Royal Air Force, Navy or Army at a moment`s notice, include Concorde Senior First Officer and Director of the Air and Head of the Air Branch of the Royal Navy Reserve, Andy Barnwell. First Officer Steve Cheyne, also represents the Royal Navy Reserve and joins Captain Phil Jones, First Officers Anthony Lawrenson and Mark White of the Royal Air Force Reserve and Captain Jeremy Morgan of the Army Air Corps.

The pilots fly a range of aircraft including helicopters, Hercules and Jet Streams.


Lloyd Cromwell-Griffiths, Director Flight Operations, said: “We in British Airways are proud to show our continued support for Remembrance Day, remembering those who gave up their lives for us. In particular, I am extremely proud of those members of flight crew who are reservists and continue to support the armed forces.”