“Destination Excellence” - More than Just a Slogan

“Destination Excellence” - this is the slogan on which the new SWISS advertising campaign is based. This slogan reflects the intention of SWISS and its employees to do everything possible, day after day, for the well-being and satisfaction of its clients.

This new advertising campaign by SWISS will be launched this coming December. It underlines the positioning of SWISS as a Premium Airline - an ambitious objective which calls for innovation and which also demands the full engagement of the company employees. There are numerous novelties in the programme which SWISS has prepared for 2003. These include the introduction of the new Airbus A340-300 long-haul and the Embraer 170 medium-haul aircraft, the new configuration of all cabins, the renovation of the SWISS travel agencies and lounges., as well as a new Food and Beverage concept. This comprehensive renovation of the product will commence with the delivery of the first A340-300 in Summer 2003 and will be completed by Winter 2004.

In addition to the various innovations SWISS will, above all, strive to constantly improve the service by means of imaginative, dynamic ideas with great attention to detail.

It is to give prominence to these objectives that the new “Destination Excellence” slogan has been adopted, as these two words clearly accentuate the objectives and are not limited to the status quo.

By means of a collection of signatures within its own ranks, the SWISS employees are conveying a strong signal to the exterior. They demonstrate that, by a collaborative effort, they want to participate in the “Destination Excellence” trip and to continually strive to reach the objectives.


You may find more information about “Destination Excellence” under www.destination-excellence.com.